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finnish just gets even more amusing

elelee is actually a word


tämä eläin elelee metsässä

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List of Smut Writing Guides
Below is a list of guides that have been written on how to write smut. Credit goes to their original writers. This list will be updated each time I find a new smut guide. [Each link below is titled as the topic it covers]

Accurately Write Gay Sex
Bare Bones [Step by Step/Stages]
Casual Sex
Erotic Horror
Gay Sex
Guide to Bottoming
In General [and details]
Language in Smut
Lesbian Smut
Making Love
Planned Sex [Girl POV]
Sex Between Virgins
Sex Scene
Sex Scenes
Sex Scene References
Terms [Vocabulary]
The Basics
The First Time
Words for Sex
Writing a Sex Scene
Writing from a Male’s Perspective
Writing Tips
12-Step Program [How to Write Sex]

Yes, some of these may not relate directly to smut or cover the topic, but they can be helpful when writing smut.
The updated list can always be found here. If there are any broken links, please let me know.


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i will not post anything that will scare you or harm your computer on or in the days near april first.

there is a difference between a joke and being a bag of dicks.

that is all.

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Javik; 50,000 years late with Starbucks